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Spring Wreath's for Womans' Day

I had alot of fun with Woman's day Deputy Editor Sara Lyle and stylist Karen Lidbeck shooting these Spring Wreath's.

Karin even blogged about it.. check it out and yes we put a bird on it;-)


The Times

Look what I found! An image I shot in the cotton fields of West Texas. I love the light during the winters in West Texas. So beautiful.


the new leo in my life;-)

A quick update! I have joined the Big Leo family! Looking forward to new and exciting things to come with the Big Leo team!!
Big Leo Den- check out the latest Kat Teutsch updates!

Thanksgiving with a Twist!!

Here is a cute story I did with HGTV magazine! Some exciting ways to spruce up your Thanksgiving table! Enjoy!

Thanksgiving with Food Network Magazine

PIES!!!!! Best part of the day we got to sample each one;-))) Loved that Mississippi Mud!!!


The kids version;-)

I promised Kate Merker the Food+Nutrition Director at Woman's Day that if I took these little guys I would use them;-) What better way than to continue eating my watermelon granita!

Watermelon Granita!!!


Yummy! Concord Grape Focaccia with Rosemary and Sea Salt

How I spent Labor Day weekend.. making homemade focaccia.. Nice and laborious;-)) But so worth it.. Here is the finished product.. And it's all gone;-)


Concord Grapes

These last few weeks have been alittle crazy and so I decided on my day "off" I would tackle something I have always wanted to make.. Luckily I scored some Concord grapes at the farmers market and so decided to bake;-) I found this recipe along time ago..I have never made bread before from scratch before.. by hand.. not with a mixer.. Needless to say I ended up with a blister and a good workout.. Email me if you would like to try it.. Concord Grape Rosemary Focaccia


July/August Food Network Mag 2012

Here is a great summer sausage story I shot for Food Network Magazine with Food Stylist Anne Disrude and prop stylist Karin Olsen...

Strawberry Pie!! Food Network July Issue

When I was a little girl I had strawberry shortcake bed sheets.. I used to think Strawberry and I were sisters.. Even though I was told I had an allergy to strawberries(which I don't) I have always loved strawberries.. This cake is after my own heart!

Farmers market flowers

The perks of my job!

Tart currents!


Food Network Magazine June 2012

It's time for summer!!! Here are some great summer stories I shot for Food Network Magazine..Duff's Grilled Fish and Food Network's All Star Summer Sides..

Piece of Cake! Food Network June 2012

Here is another fun Piece of Cake shoot I shot with Karen Tack of Hello Cupcake.. I love these cakes.. So much fun shooting dessert that looks like dinner!!! And since I don't eat red meat this steak is perfect!!!


A little bit of what I've been up to;-)

Shot with my Hipstamatic for iPhone
Lens: John S
Film: Ina's 1969
Flash: Off


New Work May 2012

On Memorial Day I spent the day with stylist Marcus Hay at his amazing apartment shooting a test on color trending.. I love his approach to coming up with a story in his mind and drawing out ideas on paper.. It's very similar to the way I do things but he goes steps further and works up a bio on who's world it is..check out Edna's story! We both even brought fava beans with us to shoot! I got mine at a farm stand up in the Catskills over the weekend and Marcus got his from a shoot! Great minds think alike;-) It was such a great day with two of my favorite colors.. I'm excited to continue shooting more.. it even triggered a memory of something of my mom's I'm hoping to incorporate into the next series.. stay tuned..